My studio address is Roby Workshop, Unit 7, Houldsworth Mill Shopping Outlet, 2nd Floor Houldsworth Mill, Reddish, Stockport SK5 6DA. Houldsworth Mill was once the largest cotton-spinning mill in the world, but at some point in the 1960s someone decided to slap a massive Brutalist concrete cuboid on the back of it before building a mock Tudor shopping street inside that. If you ever find yourself in a Ye Olde Shoppinge Village in Reddish rest assured that everything is FINE, you are going to be alright, you are in the right place. Access via the goods lift or stairs, from the Houldsworth Street entrance, where there is free parking.

Inside the concrete cuboid there are a range of businesses including a cafe and a lovely craft ale bar and a marvellous carpenter (I’m not saying that just because he lets me raid his scraps bin. He also built some beautiful shelving for my vinyl). My workshop is exactly that – so it’s for making, rather than retail – but if you do want to see what I’m currently working on; or see what materials experiments are happening; or just pick up a purchase from the online store, you are more than welcome by appointment. Email me via [email protected] or DM me on Instagram here to arrange a good time.