private tuition

creative screen printing

what is creative screen printing?

Creative screen printing is a one day, one-to-one private class at my art studio. You’ll begin by learning good, basic screen printing technique.

But then we get to PLAY

With a menu of well over 10 different creative approaches, you’ll explore which marks and textures you like best, as well as getting the chance to print on a variety of different fabrics and paper.

As we go, we’ll make a giant, A1 poster of all the techniques you learn, for you to take away and frame or use as a reference tool.

(I roll a dice on mine, to kick-start improvisational printmaking sessions.)

By the end of the day, you’ll be ready to start your printmaking journey and can take home a batch of samples and the poster.

You’ll also be able to buy a small kit of my favourite, at-home screen printing essentials, so you can start making straight away.

The method

I teach paper stencil screen printing. This low cost method is perfect for the at-home artist or crafter and hugely versatile.

The kit I use is small enough to wash in your kitchen sink and we use regular acrylic paint and copier paper, None of it requires a lot of space, chemicals, clean-up time or technical equipment.

And that means you’re more likely to practice at home. You can be a printmaker! You can say; ‘I have had a shit day. I want to do some printing.’ And just do it.

Print your own fabric. Make a set of greetings cards. Or – better yet – start gaining the confidence to call what you make ART. Taking it seriously; making enormous, colourful prints full of expressive, lively marks.

ready to start your printmaking journey?

I’m offering introductory rates (£75 for weekdays, £95 for Saturday).

So if you want to book or find out more email, DM on instagram or message me on 07708 414 953.

I can’t wait to see what you make.